G​ursimran Singh Walia, Ph.D
Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Studies, School of Computer and Cyber Sciences, Augusta University; Augusta, GA
Affiliated Faculty and Professor of Computer Science, North Dakota State University, Fargo-ND
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Short Biography
As the Director of Graduate Studies and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs within the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences (SCCS) at Augusta University, I am honored to guide the evolution, implementation, and excellence of our graduate programs, research endeavors, and academic guidelines. Over 16 years devoted to computer science education and research, I have nurtured an unwavering passion for propelling the discipline forward while instilling a culture marked by excellence, innovation, and inclusivity within SCCS and broader horizons. My experience includes fostering meaningful engagements with software industry advisory boards, facilitating international student exchange initiatives, and actively recruiting and mentoring individuals from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. Through these concerted endeavors, I aspire to cultivate an environment characterized by support and inclusivity, empowering all students to flourish and excel within the dynamic realms of computer science and cyber sciences.

Research Interests:

Empirical software engineering, 
Human and Software Errors
Software reviews 
Software quality improvement
Software Metrics 
Psychology in Software Engineering Machine Learning and NLP, 
Software Reliability
Computer Science Pedagogy 
Current Students
Ishan Subedi; 
Tushar Aggarwal; 
James Willenbring
Andrew Sanders.
Courses (taught) 
Software Complexity Metrics 
Software Requirements Definition and Analysis 
Theoretical Computer Science 
Software Project Planning and Estimation
Empirical Software Engineering 
System Analysis and Design using UML
Graduate Seminar
Introduction to Software Engineering
ISSRE 2022 Industry Paper Accepted! "Using Complexity Metrics with Hotspot Analysis to Support Software Sustainability"
CSEE&T 2022 Paper Accepted! "ScaffoldSQL: Using Parson’s Problems to Support Database Pedagogy"
ISSRE 2021 Industry Paper accepted! "Classification of Testable and Valuable User Stories by using Supervised Machine Learning Classifiers"
SIGCSE 2021 Paper Accepted! "A Comparison of Inquiry-Based Conceptual Feedback vs. Traditional Detailed Feedback Mechanisms in Software Testing Education