Gursimran Singh Walia
Chairperson and Professor of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
IT Building, Statesboro Campus, Statesboro - GA
Science Center, Armstrong Campus, Savannah - GA
Georgia Southern University
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Short Biography
My research work is focused on developing and validating effective methods and tools for improving and measuring the quality of software artifacts. The goal of my research is to improve the quality and reliability of software through the use of Empirical Software Engineering. My approach to empirical software engineering involves conducting empirical studies to study and evaluate the methods and tools used by developers in different settings. My research effort shows an expertise in software quality improvement and empirical evaluation of SE practices, and extensive experience in designing and executing empirical studies. My research also analyzes human error research and empirical study design in developing software engineering techniques. I have worked with other researchers to inform the development and in design of the evaluation studies and provide expertise on analyzing data.
Research Interests:

Empirical software engineering, 
Human and Software Errors
Software reviews 
Software quality improvement
Software Metrics 
Psychology in Software Engineering Machine Learning and NLP, 
Software Reliability
Computer Science Pedagogy 
Current PhD Students
Tushar Aggarwal; PhD (~2021)
Alex Radermacher; PhD (~2021)
Avijeet Tomar; PhD (~2021)
Michael Henson; PhD (~2021)
James Willenbring; PhD (~2021)

Courses (taught) 
Software Complexity Metrics 
Software Requirements Definition and Analysis 
Theoretical Computer Science 
Software Project Planning and Estimation
Empirical Software Engineering 
System Analysis and Design using UML
Graduate Seminar
SIGCSE 2021 Paper Accepted! "A Comparison of Inquiry-Based Conceptual Feedback vs. Traditional Detailed Feedback Mechanisms in Software Testing Education: An Empirical Investigation
ISSRE'2020 2 Papers accepted! "Using Semantic Analysis and Graph Mining Approaches to Support Software Fault Fixation" and "Multi-label Classification of Commit Messages using Transfer Learning"
NSF-Grant funded'2020-2023 - A Inquiry-Based Pedagogy and Supporting Tool to Improve Student Learning of Software Testing Concepts
GSU Office of Research grants funded'2020-2021!